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interview with: Sinead Williams, primary school teacher and equality campaigner, UK 

Q: Can you please tell us your name, age and one thing you really like about yourself / you are very good at?

A: Hello, I'm Sinéad Williams, I'm 34 and I'm good at singing and love singing in my choir.


Q: Can you describe your work in terms that a 4 year old can
understand, please?

A: I basically get to spend all day telling people what to do and being bossy! My favourite part of teaching is definitely getting to play with all the children, I' really good at snap.


Q: Do you like pasta?

A: I LOVE pasta. My grandma is Italian so we eat a lot of pasta but lasagne with garlic bread is my favourite.



Q: Did you always know that you wanted to teach children about amazing women and strong girls and how to make the world more fair?

A: I always new I wanted to work with children and talk about things I've seen and learned but I wasn't sure how. I've volunteered in different countries with lots of different children and I wanted young people here to know how lucky they are, especially the girls. When I became a teacher I wanted to make sure that the children I worked with grew-up being tolerant and fair and willing to fight for their rights and the rights of people who are unable to fight for themselves.

 Q: How do you come up with ideas to do with your class every day? Is it ever boring?

A: I'm very lucky to work in a big team so we share our ideas all the time. Google is great for ideas too. It's sometimes boring if it's something I'm not keen on but I think that that is important because then I try and make it fun for everyone else. 


Q: Who is you favourite Disney princess and which Disney princess do you think is the strongest?

A: My favourite Disney Princess as a child was Ariel but now I'm grown-up it has to be a tie between Mulan and Merida. I love how even they have to go against their families they fight for what they believe in and don't let anyone tell them it's not a girl's job or place to be there.


Q: We think everyone in the world has their own real-life super hero / heroine super power! What is your super hero/ heroine  super power in real life and if you could choose another made up one what would it be too?

A: I think my super power is my amazing sense of smell, I can sniff out things way before anyone else and can always smell yummy food when it's cooking! If I could choose a super power though it would definitely be the ability to fly, I used to dream about being a bird when I was little and being able to fly off and visit lots of exciting places.


Q: What can we children do (one thing) that will make the world substantially better for us when we are adults and for our children if we have them?

A: Know your rights and never be afraid to stand up for your own or anyone else's! 

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