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interview: Sara Qaed, artist &

political cartoonist, UK / Bahrain


Q: Can you describe your work in terms that a 4 year old can understand, please?

A: I draw editorial caricatures and make illustrations. If you ever open the newspaper and see these cartoons about presidents or politics, I do stuff similar to them. I follow the news and then draw questions using ink and paper, or use my iPad. My favorite colors are black, white and every shade of gray.    


Q: I would like to be able to talk to birds. Can you speak lots of

languages? Or what language would you like to speak?

A: I speak Arabic and English. I would like to speak as many

languages as I can; because I love understanding and communicate

with people without a translator. I have never thought of birds,

But I sometimes think of the objects that we live with every day

like sofas, tables, pillows or mirrors. If they could speak their

language, I would love to ask them about the way they

see/describe us or our behavior.


Q: What is your favorite piece of art you have ever done?

A: I don’t have a favorite piece; I have favorite moments with some pieces. Usually, when people use or interact with any piece, I would look at it again differently, and I enjoy this moment. 



Q: What is your super power in real life? If you could chose another made up one what would it be too?

A: Drawing and Style are power.

I once read that one of the worst crimes is stealing! So maybe I would do something to stop stealing or reduce it.



Q: What can we children do (one thing) that will

make the world substantially better for us when we are adults

and for our children if we have some?

A: Be you.

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