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interview 2: Katastrophe Jest, 15, Drag Kid and member of the Haus of Amazing, USA

Q: Can you describe yourself and your work in terms that

a 4 year old can understand, please? 

A: My work is dressing up and performing!


Q:When did you first start liking drag queens?


A: I first started liking drag queens at the age of 10 when

my mom took me to my first drag show.


Q: What is the main point of drag?


A: The main point of drag for me personally is to have a

good time and show the world that it is ok to be unique!


Q: What is your favourite wig?


A: I love my pink bob wig with rainbow bangs! It was

given to me by Florence D’Lee who creates a lot of outfits

for the girls on Drag Race. 


Q: Who is your favourite Disney princess and which 

Disney princess do you think is the strongest (in emotion

or in physical strength) ? 


A: I can’t choose between Belle or Elsa. So I’ gonna have to say both. They are also both the strongest. Elsa shows that you don’t need a man to survive and Belle shows that you can rely on brains and not just beauty!


Q: How did you feel when you first got on stage?


A: I felt so happy! Being on stage is so exciting for me because I get to do what I love! I feel like my voice is heard when I’m on stage!


Q: What do your family think of your art?


A: My mom is super supportive and my brother is always the first one to judge my outfits and make sure I look good. My dad knows that I do drag and he accepts it.


Q: What can we children do (one thing) that will make the world substantially better for us when we are adults and for our children if we have them?


A: We can go out to rallies, protests, and demonstrations to make our voices heard!


Q: I think I might be a drag queen, what can I do to try it out?

A: Put on a wig, some makeup, and a fun outfit! Dance around to music in your room while doing it! If it feels right keep continuing!

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