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Hannah Höch

DADA art activism from the 1900s

Dada was about thinking outside the box and creating things that are not the norm. Dada works can look silly, but Dada artists wanted the work to seem crazy and absurd. They wanted us to rethink what art was so that we might rethink our world. The movement came after World War 1, when a group of artists from Europe came together to express their hurt about the war. In the Dada movement there were many women who created amazing and exciting work alongside the men, one of these women was a German artist named Hannah Hoch.


Her worked looked at how women dressed and the roles of men and women. Over 100 years ago women who wore trousers and short hair were seen as a rebels and many women were looked down on for having jobs and wanting to be their own person. Hannah Hoch was not afraid to be this person. Hannah was a part of the Dada movement and she used a simple method called photomontage to create her work about being a modern woman and the life around her in Berlin.

Photomontage means getting loads of images from newspapers, magazine, sometimes photos of your family and friends and cutting them out and overlapping them together to create odd or suprisingimages.  Images like a half human, half monkey head. Or a fish, with a man with a horn coming out of his mouth!



Illustration by Josie Sommer, UK

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