get involved.

No polite princesses or strong but silent superheroes here - This magazine is made by... YOU.


Come and help create the next issue! Through a series of workshops around the world, we aim to discuss and discover social, emotional and creative stuff that affects children and young people in 2020.

In our workshops we explore the work of artists and activists throughout history- learning about how art can change the world and creating typical magazine standards (word searches, coloring in pages, free prizes and cartoon strips) with a twist.


We create work for the magazine that explores, illustrates and aims  to positively change things which children and young people in the world today are effected by and interested in. Each workshop is inspired by the work of artists and activists through the ages from cave art to work being made by young activists today. 


Work made and ideas generated during these workshops will be included in this online magazine and in a physical magazine which we hope will be published in 2019.

Upcoming workshops:


Women of Tyneside

& (small but) Fierce Magazine Presents

Why was this not collected?

13 April, 2–4pm

Thought Foundation, Birtley, DH3 2TB

Small but Fierce magazine is working with

Women of Tyneside exploring objects which ARE in the museum

collections and considering ones that

COULD (or should) be...

We will create objects that you believe

could be in the museum by exploring

inspirational stories of local politicians,

forgotten sports stars, suffragettes

and artists.

For children of all genders, ages 8-15


Durah Art Fair 

& (small but) Fierce Magazine Presents

Why was this not collected?

23rd June, 1–4pm

Oriental Museum,

Elvet Hill Rd, Durham DH1 3TH