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"(small but) FIERCE" is a proejct for children, by children. All the content of the magazine and website (including interview questions, art and activities) are generated through workshops with children and young people. These workshops  are created and run by artists and activists from all over the world. The project is facilitated by a group of socially engaged / feminist artists, curators and designers from around the world.

Who has been involved in creating (small but) FIERCE so far?: 250 young people aged 3 -25 from the North East of England, London and Yorkshire, students and staff at Durham University, artists / curators /  art education specialists including Inês Mourão (Portugal), Jackie Sewell (UK) and Selene D'Alessandro (Italy).



If you are interested in booking a workshop please get in touch with us

via our contact page with the subject heading "workshop enquiry" to discuss ideas

We charge a-n / Artist Union England recommend hourly rates for contact time and project management


The adult artists & activists who help make the magazine have, combined, 50 years experience of devising and delivering arts events and projects in the UK, USA and Europe, working alongside people of all ages and making lots of really interesting, challenging, fun art!


The team includes:

Michaela Wetherell is a feminist curator, whose work focuses on female representation in the arts. She has curated exhibitions nationally and international, showing work by some of most exciting feminist artists working today including Margaret Harrison, Sarah Maple and Airco Caravan. In 2018 she was a member of the judging panel for the Nasty Women International Art Prize.

Lady Kitt

Lisette Auton

Danni Glibert

The theme of our first physical magazine (which we hope will be launched in 2021) is "Wear your (H) art on your sleeve - wearable art that makes us think". The following workshops, inspired by this theme, are available to book throughout 2021. We are also happy to discuss creating new, bespoke workshops connected to our theme.

  • Dada word searches and collage mascots, inspired by the work of Hannah Höch 

  • Wear and Care, create your very own craftivist art

  • Interviewing workshop, become a published journalist! Learn about inspiring children (and adults) around the world and then have the opportunity to create interview questions for them- that they will the REALLY answere and then will appear on this website

  • Cardboard costumes  inspired by the amazing work of  Swiss artist Sophie Taeuber-Arp

  • "Crowning Glory; untold stories" - Cut out and make (fabulous) crown to celebrate little or unknown achievement of yourself or someone fantastic in history. A celebration of human achievements large and small. Global and personal.

who we like to work with:

children and young people aged 0-25 anywhere in the world!


artists and activists (of any age!)

schools / youth groups / arts centres / museums /galleries / community cafes / nurseries / arts festivals/ libraries to name but a few...

Things some of the children and young people we have worked with have said to us:

"Why are there no girls in football magazines?"         


"I want to make art about Climate Change, because adults don't seem to care about it enough, and it's making animals die and people are animals too, that means everyone should be recycling and not using more things than they need and having paper straws".

"I think friendship is the most important thing in the world. Thank you for helping me tell my most important friend I love them"   


"There should NOT be adverts in children's magazines. It's bad for children to be forced to think about buying  all the time, when they should be focused on their learning. Not all those children have a lot of money, it could make them feel bad and lots of toys (in the advertisements) are badly made and made of plastic too, it's not good for our environment"   


"My biggest achievement in life is standing up for people who can't stand up for themselves"

"I want to write because I think writing is art too. When I'm an adult I want to be an author and write a book then everyone can see what's inside me. What makes me, me"

"This workshop is good. It's good to be asked what we want and how we feel about the world. These bags are good for all the world and good for the Deer Shed Festival too because they are doing lots of recycling to keep their beautiful area clean", participant at Deer Shed 9

 "Being strong is more important to me than being beautiful".