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interview with: Alex Lockwood,

Writer and vegan & environmental

activist, UK 


Q: Can you describe your work in terms that a 4 year old can understand, please?

A: I try to write things and make stories that help animals and nature, and help people be kinder to animals and nature.


Q: Please tell us about being how being a vegan has affected your writing or vise versa.

A: Being a vegan helps me make decisions about what to write about, how to write, and what to write with. I only tell stories that look at making the world a better place for humans and animals by showing how we currently treat each other, and asking questions to see if we could treat each other better. How I write is also important—if I’m going to write about animals, I need to spend time with them, learning about them, and trying to represent them fairly and kindly. And that extends into the things I use to write with – my pens, paper and computer – and make sure there are no animal parts in the ink, or the pens, and that the people who make my computer and phone and provide my energy don’t treat animals badly either.


Q: What is it like to be a guy?

A: It’s okay. Historically men have had a lot more freedom than women, so I try to be aware of that, and all the privileges I have as a white man (white people have historically taken more freedom for themselves than they’ve given other people with different coloured skin). But I enjoy my friendships with men and where we have a lot of fun together which is different, often, from the time I spend with my friends who are not men. The things I like best about being a guy are that


Q: Do you ever worry that meat / diary substitutes have many chemicals in them that are bad for your body and bad for the planet?

A: Not really. I grow a lot of my own vegetables, and I try to eat good whole foods such as beans and greens. But I understand the question. The way we grow and make food these days can be really unhealthy. Industrial processes are very bad for people. The system of capitalism is responsible for this, because it rewards people for being greedy. If we change that system, so that people get more reward for being kind and slow and healthy, rather than greedy and quick and uncaring, then we can all ensure everyone has healthy food. And why not do that by being kind to animals as well? We don’t need to eat animals, and they sure don’t want us to eat them!


Q: Who is you favourite Disney princess and which Disney princess do you think is the strongest (in emotion or in physical strength) ?

A: I think Moana is my favourite, and I think she’s ‘strong’ but I prefer the word resilient to strong. She knows what was good and she wasn’t going to stop until she got there.



Why are you vegan?

A: Because I think all beings, human and nonhuman, should have the right to live their lives without fear and pain. I’ve seen a lot of animals suffer just because people like the taste of their body parts. Animals are clever, and they feel too. Being vegan means I am able to help animals be free from suffering and pain.


Q:What is your best piece of work?

A:Probably my book The Pig in Thin Air, which is all about

how being vegan is the best way to help stop climate change.

Q: What can we children do (one thing) that will make the

world substantially better for us when we are adults and for

our children if we have some?

A: The best thing children can do is never let go of being kind

and compassionate to others, including animals, even when

people try to tell you that you need to stop being kind, or that

“it’s normal” to think you’re better than others, be that other

humans like refugees, or other animals like pigs or cows.

Never stop caring! Your care and kindness will change

the world.

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