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In November 2017, artists and activists from all over the world got together for a big meeting called the Nasty Women International Conference in Birtley, UK. They talked about things that make them happy and things that make them sad and frustrated. One of the main things that makes them happy is art and one of the main things that makes them sad is things not being fair. They came up with some ideas for projects that could celebrate art and help to make the world a fairer place.  The "(small but) FIERCE" proejct is one of these.


The project is about celebrating, exploring and developing art and activism made all over the world & throughout history. We particularly like to talk about, make art with and share work by artists & activists whose work or stories may have been undervalued, hidden, passed over, or ignored. To find out more about some of the amazing, rebellious artists and activists we have worked with, learned about and interviewed please follow the links below:

read interviews.

learn more about artists / activists.

The project is managed (or organized)  and facilitated (or supported) by adults who are artists and activists. The proejct is made by children and young people (250 have been involved so far!). Children and young people make artwork, write interview questions, have ideas for workshops, suggest artists to focus on and make lots of big decisions about what the proejct is and does.

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